The Press and the Public Agree

"When this ride goes over the top, you're in for the most ear-opening experience of your life... I could go on for days about a demonstration that lasted a scant 12 minutes."

Darryl Wilkinson, Features Editor, Home Theater Magazine

"I found it very easy to believe that I was hearing live sounds taking place in space much larger and very different in configuration from the one I was sitting in.  The vividness of the acoustical representation was simply astonishing."

Michael Riggs, Editor, Audio Magazine

"It was the most amazing multichannel sound I have ever heard.  I was simply in the space occupied by the performers, with no sensation at all of the locations of the speakers or the true size of the listening room... there were live music recordings that"

Tom Norton, Technical Editor, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater

"I have never experienced a more holosonic three-dimensional soundfield from a loudspeaker system. Bass extension was extremely deep and powerful, yet always natural sounding. Clarity throughout the full frequency range was exemplary, as was dynamic capability. Imaging was lifelike, creating a sense of realism rarely, if ever, experienced in recordings. The whole experience was a dream come true for me. This, I thought, is what surround sound is all about."
Gary Reber, Publisher and Editor,
Widescreen Review
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